Player and MLB pitching coach tested positive for coronavirus

Player and MLB pitching coach tested positive for coronavirus

The finances are not the only problem in restarting a major league season.

Two people involved in the game – one described as a major league pitching coach and one a 40-man roster player – have contacted COVID-19, multiple sources told The Post.

No one would name the people who contracted the virus. But those aware of the situation say the pitching coach had the virus last week and is now recovering. The 40-man roster player was described as having contracted the virus more recently, but with the belief that he was not infected by anyone else involved in the game.

Commissioner Rob Manfred had said this week that he believed MLB and the union were close to agreeing on health and safety protocols to be used for spring training and a season.

One of the complicating factors in the sides was the inability to reach agreement on finances, however, there was a delay in spring training that was to include both the COVID-19 screening and education at the outset. MLB’s proposals to restart the season will allow any player to opt out. Those who have been ruled high risk will not receive their salary and full service time. Those who opt out who are not considered high risk would not receive either.

Perhaps most complicating of all, though, if the sides can agree to restart the season, is that COVID-19 cases are rising in multiple places, including the two training spring states of Arizona and Florida. MLB teams would have the right to have spring training either in their regular spring camp or their home stadium. But COVID-19 cases, for example, are also rising in California and Texas, two states that combine to house seven teams.