Pompeo is seen as a 2024 check on a trip to Israel while he stays at home
Pompeo is seen as a 2024 check on a trip to Israel while he stays at home

Pompeo is seen as a 2024 check on a trip to Israel while he stays at home

Pompeo, the first U.S. secretary of state to visit the settlement and the Golan Heights, condemned the Trump administration’s secession with the international consensus of recognizing Israeli settlements and its intention to help the West avoid Israeli bankruptcy. But when the news leaked without notifying that the trip was being described as part of the “Pompeo Doctrine,” criticism erupted.

Aaron Aaron Miller, senior fellow at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, says “Pompeo and Golan’s West Bank landings have nothing to do with American ambitions but his own in 2024.”

Pompeo’s visit is in line with the Trump administration’s stated policy, and those who know him well argue that he is just doing his job. A source close to the secretary said: “Seriously, every time he does something for his job you can say he is playing 2024.”

Others see it differently. Presidential historian Michael Beschloss has declared that “the Secretary of State should not use a position approved by his Senate to run for president.”

Determined to keep politics

Officials at the State Department tried to store the gifts in bottles – they told reporters that they should not take the sentence to the state department, after they shared it with journalists, and confirmed that it was commonly used within Israel. The demand caused many Israelites to scratch their heads.

The widespread speculation that Pompeo’s departure is as political as the policy is rooted in his track record appears to be a mix of the two – initially in the service of a potential senator in Kansas and now with the feeling that he might be presidential by 2024.

According to two sources familiar with the conference, the two ministries held talks at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs with strategists and conservative media.

With just a few weeks in office, Pompeo appears to be working hard on the post-Trump political life, having recently invited at least one Republican group to the summit, including strategists and right-wing journalists.

A source familiar with the coffee rally said: “As Mike Pompeo prepares to run, he wants to sit with a Republican he has not met, or he has not spoken at any time.”

“Over the last few weeks, they have become more aggressive,” the source told the conference. “Pompeo is trying to build his contact list and he is doing that at every level. He needs people who can make money, he needs people who can write politics, he needs people who can write, and people who can talk.”

Other sources make it clear that Pompeo’s views on the presidency of the top US diplomats were “insignificant”.

Sources say they do not believe the president is as intentional in Pompeo’s mind as many think and note that Israel has long been his favorite.

But other sources close to the secretary-general say he intends to stay in politics when President Joe Biden takes office and that he expects not to return to the private sector. A source close to him at the State Department said Pompeo was not involved in the fighting.

Pompeo could write a book, speak and join an academy or a board when he leaves the state, two sources told CNN. He could also launch his own political platform, such as PAC Super, so that he could raise money for voters across the country – an old-fashioned way to build political allegiance. But those details were not widely publicized, the source said.

A source close to Pompeo added: “Mike Pompeo is focused on his job as Secretary of State and he has no plans after January 21.”

A second source who has worked with Pompeo in the past said: “He is keeping his card close to his chest.” That said, the concept has enough public currency that someone is cheating on the “Mike Pompeo 2024” T-shirt on Amazon for $ 16.99.

GOP strategist Doug Heye said, “I think it’s inevitable.” The challenges he will face, and others will face as well, are many who will act alone with Trump, including senators, members of Congress, and other former chiefs.

“It’s hard to know what the Republican voters are really looking for in the next election … only at a certain distance and time we will know whether the relationship is close to the presidency or not,” said Nathan Gonzales, editor-in-chief of the Electoral Journal.

‘Focus on your day-to-day work!’

Pompeo uses taxpayer-funded trip to hold undisclosed meeting with political donors In London And Florida, and made political speeches, such as his August speech to the Republican National Convention while on an official trip to Israel – a violation of the law.
He hosted an unpaid luncheon from the ‘Madison Lunch’, which included GOP councilors, along with republican ambassadors and influential ambassadors, raising concerns that he was cultivating political intelligence and urging the public. Model Kathy Ireland attended a dinner party this fall, according to participating sources who said the evening’s discussion focused on politics – not foreign policy.
Pompeo also communicated conservatively, often in Kansas markets, and took an official 2019 state visit to meet with billionaire Charles Koch, his longtime political adviser, to discuss the running senator there. According to the Wall Street Journal.
That trip was one of many against the state that year that angered Burial Kansas City Star has published an op-ed “Mike Pompeo, either resigning and running for the U.S. Senate in Kansas or focusing on your day job.”

For the past few months, Pompeo has been working at a stoppage calling for conservative voters and a strong proclamation of support for Trump.

Publishers are protesting against their elders & # 39;  Politics

During a trip to Israel this week, Pompeo also visited the site of Jesus’ baptism and announced that the United States would identify Israeli settlement agencies as anti-Semitic and ensure that they were not funded by the United States.

When Obama administration officials accused Pompeo of seeming to be traveling to pursue his own political interests, Pompeo fired a reply back down on Twitter That he was involved in good foreign policy.

The visit was welcomed by evangelical leaders, such as Bob Vander Plaats, President and CEO of the Family Leadership Summit, who told CNN he also visited the winner’s shop last year.

But many analysts think Pompeo goes too far. “Travel and the absence of a major conference agenda show me that this has more to do with Pompeo’s aspirations in 2024 than the reality of what is facing a challenge in 2020, especially on the part of Israel, which is a former Middle East negotiator,” Miller said.

“It works well with the Evangelicals. It works well with about a quarter of the American Jewish community. It works well with the Republican Party. And these are issues that are highly engaging and play very well,” the analyst said.

Religious freedom

Pompeo used his position to promote other policies that strongly demanded evangelism – including religious freedom, strong anti-abortion measures, the repression of Israel, and steps that were seen as intended to restrict LGBT Americans. He also has a group of conservatives and self-proclaimers.

Over the past few months, Pompeo has been speaking at the megachurch conference in Texas, appearing at the Voter Values ​​Summit, and making keynote speeches for Christian organizations, anti-abortion, anti-abortion in Florida.

Earlier this year, Pompeo visited Iowa for the Leadership Summit – an event organized by the Conservatives that has become a frequent stop for Republican politicians.

And Pompeo spread his beliefs about the proclamation of his message widely, talking about it often in official interviews, citing the scriptures he kept on his desk, and explaining the rights that come from God, not government. A former senior State Department official said they saw Pompeo’s views on religion as “largely political, because evangelism is an important part of the president’s political foundation.”

“It was basically what Pompeo could communicate with because they saw him as one of them,” he said. “It reflects not only the secretary-general’s desire to be one of the president’s strengths, but also his own aspirations for the president.”