Rules for suppressing pets for emotional distress on the plane

Rules for suppressing pets for emotional distress on the plane

(CNN) – The new rules state that airlines are not required to treat emotionally assisted animals as service animals.

U.S. Department of Transportation regulations announced Wednesday that “carriers do not have to recognize animals that provide emotional assistance as service animals and may treat them as pets.”

Air carriers are also allowed to restrict animals to service to the wall.

The last rule about Travel by air with service animals Definition Service animals are “walls, regardless of breed and type, which are individually trained to work or perform work for the benefit of a person with a disability, including physical, emotional, mental, intellectual, or other mental disabilities.”

The airline asked DOT Controlling this issue is partly due to their concern that passengers have cheated on their pet as it is an emotional and free animal.

Flights with small pets inside the cabin can cost up to $ 125 each way on US Airlines.

The new rules have also been fueled by an increase in complaints about service animals from passengers with disabilities, a lack of clarity on the definition of “service animals,” misbehavior by animals, emotional disturbances and disturbances resulting from “requests on the basis of the DOT”.

Cattle, peacocks, and other unexpected animals have flown in to become emotional pets.

Airlines for America, a commercial group for U.S. airlines, welcomed the new rules.

“The airline is committed to promoting access to disabled passengers and ensuring safe travel. The Department of Transportation’s final rules will protect public passengers and airlines from untrained animals in the cabin, as well as improve air travel capabilities for passengers and passengers on board.”

The new rules allow airlines to require passengers to travel with service animals, fill out and submit a DOT form “certifying the training of animals and good behavior, and certifying the good health of animals.”

About 15,000 comments were received in response to a notification of the rules submitted to the Federal Register in February 2020, according to DOT.

Those comments were taken into consideration in drafting the final rules.

The rule will take effect 30 days after it is published in the Federal Register. No release date specified.

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