Senator Lindsey Graham admits he did not consider Trump a state winner: "They have no doubts."
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Senator Lindsey Graham admits he did not consider Trump a state winner: “They have no doubts.”

“We’ll be ready one day,” Rick Bright, a member of President Joe Biden’s Covid-19 Advisory Council, told CNN Alisyn Camerota on Wednesday, when asked about what they would do without a plan from the Trump administration for vaccine distribution.

Bright says they will not start from scratch because they work pods to make sure they stay in touch with health care professionals and others across the country, and get advice from many experts.

“There are plans for change and we are translating them into action plans,” he said.

Mr Bright said the idea that the Trump administration had no plans was a good thing.

“We have been waiting for 10 months for a plan to share with U.S. health and public health experts about a vaccine program. We are waiting for a plan on a national testing strategy. We are waiting for a plan to accelerate the production of PPE and other critical medical devices.

Bright said he hopes the plan has been made “except for the sale by the military.”

After that, it is necessary to send the vaccine to the health care provider who will be the administrator, and communicate within the community at all levels to ensure that there is interest in the vaccine.

“It is unfortunate that the Trump administration has reacted politically to such responses, including vaccines,” he said. “And there are many Americans across our country who are hesitant about whether they can trust this vaccine because of the political pressure we have seen from the Trump administration.”

Much work needs to be done with the change team to ensure that trust and confidence can be built, to ensure that Americans are vaccinated when it is available and certified safe and effective, Bright said.