'SNL' with Baldwin's Trump and Carrey's Biden head to head in final debate
'SNL' with Baldwin's Trump and Carrey's Biden head to head in final debate

‘SNL’ with Baldwin’s Trump and Carrey’s Biden head to head in final debate

That’s the way Maya Rudolph – as controller Kristen Welker started this Saturday “Live Night.”
The NBC Seed Show kicked off his latest episode with Alec Baldwin’s Trump arresting Jim Carrey’s Joe Biden in the last presidential debate.

“How does this mute button work?” Ask Carrey’s Biden. “Did I just frog and slap him in the mouth?”

Baldwin’s Trump then took questions from caretakers, but confused her as his wife.

“Mr. Trump, I am in control, not your assistant,” said Rudolph Welker.

“Okay, just some episodes,” Baldwin’s Trump replied.

He said the country was conducting “terror attacks” on coronavirus.

“We’re going around the corner. In fact, we’ve shaped a lot of corners. We went around and blocked where we started in March,” Trump said.

Carrey’s Biden then began to respond to his rival, saying “c’mon, man” and calling the warning word “malarkey.”

“And we have our first malaria,” said Rudolph Welker. “If you’re playing Biden Bingo at home, take a picture.”

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The debate took place between the two, discussing topics such as when the coronavirus vaccine might emerge.

“I guarantee the vaccine is coming. Somewhere between two and 700 weeks, right?” Trump’s Baldwin said.

Other subjects such as health care, race and climate change are also emerging.

“I have a plan. It’s called ‘Bidencare.’ It’s like Obamacare, but … Biden, ”Carrey’s Biden said.

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Rudolph Welker then posed his final question to both parties: “What would you say to an American who did not vote for you?”

“Well, if they had not voted for me, I guess I would have said so,” said Baldwin.

Like Carrey’s Biden, he has revealed who he is, compared to Trump.

“I’m good old Joe. I’m as trustworthy as a rock.” “I got a 5-star safety rating. I was rated the best mid-level in my class by JD Power and Associates.”

Rudolph Welker then took to the stage saying “Good luck, America!” And pronounce the show’s signature catch phrase: “Live … from New York! It’s Saturday night!”

Singer Adele hosted the show, and HER was the guest of honor for the musical.