Ted Cruz calls on Democrats 'detainee' after Senor ombuds clash
Ted Cruz calls on Democrats 'detainee' after Senor ombuds clash

Ted Cruz calls on Democrats ‘detainee’ after Senor ombuds clash

Brown, who put on the mask as he said, “I started by asking the superintendent to put on the mask as he said.” Sullivan, who is not wearing a mask, briefly replied, “I do not wear a mask when I speak, like a senator, I do not need your advice.”

Cruz blamed Brown for the incident In a tweet on Monday, Writing, “This is nonsense. @SherrodBrown is a complete ass. He wears a mask to speak – when no one is around him – a mysterious sign of counterfeit virtue.”

Sullivan cited his heat exchange with Brown in a cover Tuesday evening on Fox News, accusing Democrats of seeking “lectures” against him.

Members of the United States, others on the left such as Senator Brown can not help themselves in the desire of them would like to talk to people about these issues, whether lectures member council, other US or the family work, and I think it’s close, “Sullivan said.” People recognize challenges – we will overcome all these challenges – but must be taught or conditioned by the high level is something that I think it is, I’m not appreciated. “

“Senator Cruz has no serious relationship with the truth in most of his public life,” Brown told CNN’s Chris Cuomo on “Prime Time” Tuesday.

He said “the fact is that every member of Congress stand up and say, with appointed members up to 6 feet, and the members do not wear masks makes them vulnerable,” “I know Ted Cruz did not see the status Senate because she is – is she always in these cases – among employees as those who usually do not get more money and reveal themselves, workers need them., The public, and then back home to worry at night about infection may occur with the family of them.”

The series of events is the latest in a series of Capitol Hill uprisings and comes at a time when there are a large number of patients across the country with epilepsy. Some lawmakers tested positive or went into quarantine after exposure to Covid-19 the previous day.

While pointing fingers of a party is a frequent occurrence at a general conference, it is highly unusual for members to refer to colleagues in a derogatory manner. Concealed Senate Rules, also known as Senate Rule 19, prohibit senators from issuing legislation while on the ground. Cruz’s remarks, however, came via Twitter and not while on the floor.

Cruz added in his tweet that Sullivan was “more than 50 feet away” from other lawmakers, adding that “I finally checked 50 feet is more than six feet.”

However, it is advisable to wear a mask when others are around, even at a distance of 6 feet. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that staying away from home is not a good idea. That is because the virus particles can float in the air and accumulate in the room. The CDC website states in the “Explanation of Procedures for Protecting Yourself in Social Gatherings.”

Cruz’s tweet was also misleading, as Brown was referring to employees who were only a few blocks away from Sullivan while he was away.

Brown made it clear during a telephone conversation with reporters Tuesday that he had expressed concern over congressional staff who had to work on the floor, near where the president was sitting.

“Mitch McConnell is urging senators to return to where all the staff must come down to the Senate and be exposed. They have no choice, they will lose their jobs or they come to work, like most Americans.”

Concerning his confrontation with Sullivan, Mr Brown said: “He was a long way from four people with scars, but could not protect himself from him.”

“I do not care what they say to me. I care about public health. It is clear that McConnell and my Senate colleagues, like Ted Cruz, do not care about the workforce,” Brown said.

As the Senate confrontation continues into a debate over Capitol Hill, Iowa Sen. Chuck Grassley, a Republican senator, said Tuesday he had tested positive for Covid-19, after his office announced earlier this month that

Grassley, who is the caretaker president of the House of Representatives, is 87 years old, putting him at risk of contracting the virus. The Republic of Iowa addressed the Senate on Monday and was seen at the Capitol speaking to reporters Monday afternoon.

“I feel good + will be following my work for Iowa pau from home,” he said in his tweet.

Brown tweeted After Monday’s incident, “I asked my Republican colleagues to stop doing dangerous work for all senators – and just put on a reservation as chairman of the Senate.”

In his comments directed at Sullivan on the Senate floor, Democrat Ohio pointed out that there are “people below him”, as he puts it.

“There is not much interest in this body in public health,” he said.

Since the epidemic began, there have been many instances during which senators did not appear to have sufficient social distance in the Senate area, especially during the vote.

CNN’s review of the hour-long snapshots from September 29 to October 1 shows that senators often gather – face to face – and hold extensive discussions in the room.

This story was updated with further developments on Tuesday.

CNN’s Ali Main, Caroline Kelly and Kristin Wilson contributed to the report.