Ted Cruz’s explanation for his Cancun trip made things worse

Ted Cruz’s explanation for his Cancun trip made things worse

This is Texas Sen. Ted Cruz (R) does exactly that in his attempt to describe his short trip to Cancun amid ongoing weather and emergency emergencies:

“With school closed for a week, our girls asked to travel with friends. Wanting to be a good father, I flew with them last night and I flew back this afternoon.”

agree. Therefore, the statement indicates:

1. That Cruz was just traveling to “be a good father.”

2. He is just going down to Cancun for a day and will be flying back to Texas soon.

Let us consider the second point first. Cruz did not specifically mention that he had planned to travel with his family to Cancun and then turned around and flew back immediately. But it is Absolutely “He wanted to be a good father. I flew with them last night and I flew back this afternoon,” he said.

Unless we know that Cruz changed his plans after a fire during his departure from Texas amid the onset of a power disaster. Because why? Because he told Fox News’ Sean Hannity this Thursday night:

“Initially I planned to stay until the weekend and work there, but away from me – while I was aiming to go there, you know, I started having second thoughts almost immediately because of the crisis in Texas, you want to be here.”

Now to the “good dad” argument. Look, I have compassion here. Cruz’s daughter is very close to my children. And kids often stay with their parents at that age – especially when you go on vacation!

But when you work in a certain field, it is understood – by your family in particular – there are times when you will not be part of a family activity (including leisure).

For me, that was the first year of the presidency. There was just too much work for me to be able to get out for a long time during those years. It’s something my family may not love but they do understand.

For Cruz, it was a time when he was playing in Texas last week. As I wrote on Thursday, People expect their politicians to show up and be present in times of crisis – Whether politicians have a direct impact on change now or not. It is a fact of living in public life. And Cruz, who has been in the Senate for almost a decade, gets that. Like his family.

Being a senator requires sacrifice – many of it. It’s not an easy job or a part-time job or other part-time contract. But Cruz – and everyone else working in the office – is well aware of that fact. If Cruz wanted a job he could go to Cancun during the energy crisis in Texas, he could join a lovely law firm – and he would be welcomed with open arms!).

But he did not. He wanted to get into public life. And once you have chosen that path, you have made some sacrifices — including leaving the position you represented during the Great Depression.

Cruz knows better. And trying to hide behind a “good dad” defense only makes what he does worse.

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