The 29-year-old cancer survivor is the youngest American in space.

The 29-year-old cancer survivor is the youngest American in space.

“I remember laughing,” Arceneaux told CNN. “And then I just said, ‘Yeah! Yeah, yeah, put my name down.'”

Arceneaux will be one of four people on board the Inspiration 4 spacecraft, the first spacecraft to take a group of all civilians – non-professional astronauts – on a multi-day orbit around the globe. It is scheduled to begin in October 2021. Arceneaux will be attended by billionaire and CEO of Shift4 Payments, Jared Isaacman, who co-sponsors the mission and plans to use the event to raise more than $ 200 million for St. Louis research. Jude.

Earlier this month, Arceneaux said she did not know who Isaacman was.

“I certainly did not expect this. I have never heard of the mission at that point because it is still a secret,” Arceneaux told CNN Business.

Admittedly, Arceneaux is now promoted to be a young American, the first child cancer survivor, and the first person to be fitted with a prosthesis to travel to space, a land she says she hopes will inspire people with disabilities.

“Until the astronauts on this mission had to be physically fit and now things are changing,” Arceneaux told CNN. “It’s unbelievable for representation and access Show the cancer patient what is possible. “

Researchers and astronauts have struggled to cope with the inadequacies of people with disabilities who are unfit for space travel. A non-ferrous environment, which can make it easier for people with disabilities to move around, and many endurance develops as a result of their disability. Can make them a suitable pod.

Arceneaux, who was replaced by a prosthesis during her battle with cancer, said her orthopedic surgeon had set all the restrictions for her – no skiing, no skydiving, no jumping.

But, he told her, “You will have no limits in space.”

Cancer survived

Arceneaux was 10 years old and was about to find a black belt in Taekwondo when a knee injury led her to discover she had Osteosarcoma, a cancer that causes a tumor to grow around her bones. After being sent to St. Jude, she underwent a series of treatments and surgeries to keep her legs healthy, and according to the tradition of the St. Louis patients. Jude, never received a medical bill.

Hayley Arceneaux, 29, plans to become the first child cancer survivor to travel to space.

Despite the circumstances, Arceneaux described her time at St. Jude that’s something that “allowed me to be a kid.” She pulls pranks on her doctor with other patients and puts on a dance, with the IV line in the towel.

Arceneaux said: “I can only honor St. Jude for that because it is an incredibly inspiring place. That is why, Arceneaux said, she became a supporter for the hospital and, many years after recovering from cancer, she studied to become a clinical assistant.

Although she said she fell in love with space during a trip to the NASA Center on a family holiday before cancer, and she has two siblings working in space flight, she did not wish for a private space before the Inspiration 4. opportunity came along. She is passionate about traveling the world, taking time from work to visit places including Nicaragua, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, Morocco, New Zealand, Switzerland, Mexico with the goal of a single day visit to all seven continents.

Her space flight plan would accomplish that goal, but she said it was an opportunity she could not pass up.

“I can give you an exact answer in about an hour,” she said. “They came back and they kept telling me I should lie on it and I was like I’m not lying on it! Well, just put my name down. I’m going.” “


Isaacman, executive director of Shift 4, says he wants the Inspiration 4 mission to focus on charity – and St. Jude in particular – because there is so much right for the rich man in his life, he said during a press conference earlier this month. He donated the first $ 100 million to fundraising in St Jude, and he has promised to give three more seats on the mission to a diverse crew that can inspire space lovers with an outdoor adventure dream.
Many wealthy astronauts have flown into space after arranging a ride with astronauts during a trip to the International Space Station in the early 2000s. However, not all of the crew have flown into space, although some companies have yet to announce plans for the spacecraft. The company has pledged to take Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa and a group of artists to orbit the moon by 2023, for example, in a taxi called Starship, which is still in the early stages of development.
SpaceX announces for the first time all civilian passengers

Inspiration 4’s mission, however, will be to use the SpaceX Crew Dragon spacecraft, a vehicle designed to transport NASA astronauts to and from the International Space Station, which made its first flight last year. Although the vehicle was designed for NASA use, Crew Dragon is still privately owned by SpaceX, allowing the company to sell seats on astronauts, private explorers and anyone who wants to pay about $ 50 million for a seat. Isaacman, who is paying for all the seats in Inspiration 4, did not say how much he paid for the mission.

The mission of Isaacman and Arceneaux is the first civilian journey on the pair’s SpaceX schedule. The pair will be joined by two unannounced crew members, both of whom will be selected from an online contest: one will be an entrepreneur using Isaacman’s Shift4 payment platform, and the other will be a fundraiser for St. Paul’s Mission. Jude.

The Crew Dragon Capsule, which has a diameter of about 13 feet, will be the abode of the four crew members during their multi-day flight into space where aliens live close together as they fly through orbit at more than 17,000 miles per hour. They will wear the same space suit that SpaceX designed for NASA astronauts, and they will receive months of expert training over the months leading up to the mission.

Arceneaux says her training will begin soon, starting with a trip to the center – a fast-moving large-scale device to familiarize astronauts with the G-force involved in launching a rocket on SpaceX.

Travel will be difficult, and just like space flight, it will be life threatening. But Arceneaux says her family, including her siblings, both of whom are aeronautical aerospace engineers, have been left in a state of shock.

“I was talking about sleeping in a chair, and my brother was saying, ‘There is no space!'” Arceneaux laughed. “So they had a lot of fun coming to teach me about their world.”

Arceneaux said that during the release of Inspiration 4, the crew will do some scientific experiments as they swim through the microgravity, Arceneaux said. But she is desperate to make a video of her appointment with a St. Louis patient. Jude returns to the ground.

“We will be able to talk to them from space and to express our views and … hopefully this will make them happy and inspire them,” said Arceneaux.

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