The AS2 backup aircraft received a huge HQ over Florida

The AS2 backup aircraft received a huge HQ over Florida

(CNN) – Competition is heating up to produce the first high-volume passenger aircraft to enter commercial service in more than 50 years.

The US Aerion, whose AS2 aircraft promises to fly New York to London in 4.5 hours, is building its largest global headquarters in Florida before production begins with the famous craft in 2023.

It is a big step for the company, which will spend the $ 300 million it has invested in developing Aerian Park 110+ in Melbourne, near Orlando Melbourne International Airport.

HQ Heads and an integrated campus for the research, design, production and interior finishing of renowned handicrafts has pledged to bring 675 high-paying jobs to the area by 2026.

The 8-12 passenger AS2 business aircraft will fly at Mach 1.4 (more than 1,000 miles per hour), meaning it can shave three-and-a-half hours from New York to Cape Town, and take more than four hours between JFK and Singapore and JFK and Sydney.

Aerion AS2 can fly from New York to London in 4.5 hours.

Aerion courtesy

The era of high fame

The last noisy passenger aircraft to cross our skies, of course, is the Concorde, which retired more than 17 years ago. While engineering is amazing, it is costly and has a great impact on the environment.

“The Concorde is an excellent engine, a decent experiment, but it causes too much emissions in the environment, is too noisy in our community, and is too expensive to operate.

“What we are trying to do is very different,” Tom, vice president, president, and CEO of Aerion Corporation, told CNN Travel in 2020.

Aerion has secured domestic and international cargo, which now stands at $ 6.5 billion, and plans to ship 300 million aircraft over 10 years of production. AS2’s first flight is scheduled for 2024, and the company intends to launch the aircraft in 2026.

The craft is worth $ 120 million, which planners consider a price to pay because it saves time.

But Aerion’s ambition is for the aircraft to carry gentle light in the sky: “The world can not wait until 2050 to be carbon neutral. We must do this today,” he said.

‘Possible from the lowest fuel burn’

Aerion crafts outstanding ideas

Showing what an AS2 cabin might look like.

Aerion courtesy

Partners in Aerion’s AS2 program include GE, which is producing Affinity’s popular engine, and Spirit AeroSystems, which is building AS2’s suction engine system.

In the cockpit, Honeywell is revolutionizing the docks, using its expertise in high-end military aircraft to design AS2 mission operators, performers, sensors and flight control systems.

“We had to design an incredibly efficient aircraft with the lowest combustion fuel system, so we spent 10 years thinking about advanced air engines and fuel-efficient engines,” he said.

What’s not going to have – which the Concorde has – then a system that allows fuel to be injected into the engine and ignited to increase power during acceleration and acceleration.

“We have rejected this because it is too noisy and causes too much emissions,” he said. “The second thing we have in mind is our power source. We want a fuel-free aircraft and it can be made from 100% synthetic fuel from day one.”

The company also has a strong commitment to reforestation projects to ensure carbon sequestration to customers at all times.

‘Ferry Cruise’

Then there was a noise. The deputy told CNN in 2020 that the AS2 was designed to meet the five-stage aircraft noise standards, which are extremely rigid and noisy. “We think we have resolved the issue,” he said. “Our aircraft is going to be as quiet as any other aircraft around the airport.”

But perhaps one of the most innovative features of the AS2 is its “cruise cruise”, which allows the aircraft to fly over the ground without significant expansion. Instead, the noise was reflected into the atmosphere.

Aerion invented the “Silent Cruise Ship” because of its alternative type of quiet noisy flight, called the “Low Noise”, while louder than the Concorde, it also produced noises on the ground like thunder from a distant thunder.

The deputy is eager to prove the new technology can work, and “when inspectors see that we can do it reliably, we will have the first aircraft in history that can fly the highest on the ground, and no one in the area will hear the noise.”

Vice, who thinks “cruise cruises,” along with carbon-neutral operations, will provide attractive manufacturing advantages for prospective AS2 customers.

Suphanuvong family

Flight photos of the Aerion AS2 in January 2021

Aerion has great ambitions beyond AS2.

Aerion courtesy

“We analyzed the way business owners fly. We looked at New York-based companies that fly commercial aircraft around the world, and when we replace AS2 for them and recall those flights for everyone who flies their aircraft, AS2 saves them 142 hours a year,” he said.

The purpose of the Aerion announcement is to create a future where people will be able to fly between two points in the world within three hours. It aims to make the AS2 the first in the noisy family, with the AS3 carrier in the pipeline, and future plans for the popular hybrid-electric aircraft.

Aerion has many competitors in the field of loud and dazzling aviation, but the one that creates the most excitement right now is the Boom.

In October 2020, history began to be established in Denver by revelation XB1 Demonstration Aircraft, The first independent supersonic aircraft developed.

Dubbed Baby Boom, the 71-foot-long fuselage is a 1: 3-scale model of the upcoming Boom commercial aircraft, which requires a top speed of Mach 2.2, enabling it to fly from London to New York in just 3 hours and 30 minutes.

Tamara Hardingham-Gill contributed to this report.

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