Donald Trump 2024? Why he may run again

The ‘Donald Trump 2024’ test missile has just been officially postponed

Someone called it the “Bradford Papers.” tweeted This: “LOL. GOP thinks Trump is just going to go? He is the most popular president in history.” That the President left the United States Answer this way“” Thank you! Many senators and members of Congress were very happy to be with me. Thought I would stick with it for a long time! “

And with that, the “Donald Trump 2024” test deposit box has just been launched.

Look, Donald Trump knows he lost this election. Yes, he will continue to tweet about fraud (baseless) and encourage prosecution as long as the legal system allows. But he knew it was a lost cause. And because Mr. Trump is thinking of ways to survive the next day, he has long set himself the goal of running for president in 2024. And this tweet is just part of that plan.

Do not believe me? Consider Trump’s psychological efforts to make money when he lost to President Joe Biden.

Mr. Trump has mobilized more than $ 170 million in what is known as a legitimate defense fund to fund his efforts to debate the election results in several states. But look closely, and you know, big money is being moved to save the United States, leading the PAC, founded by the president last month. Of course, the PAC has nothing to do with Trump’s legal struggle and anything to do with maintaining his power and influence within the Republican Party when he left the party early last year. It will allow him to donate to the sponsor as well as fund travel expenses to support the sponsor (and earn extra money for the PAC.)

Even beyond those efforts, any student in Trump’s life – both inside and outside of politics – knows that this is a man who will never accept national prominence. He spent the rest of his life feeling like he was being kicked out of a fan club – literally and figuratively – by so-called “aristocrats.” His 2016 victory was that he got into the room – and everyone who turned to him in the past was forced to not only recognize him but be a fool to him.

Do you think he’ll walk away then? No way, no way.

Instead, in the next few years the frostbite tends to play something like this:

1) Trump never actually admits that he lost the election, by insisting – the facts are cursed! – That he was deceived by it. That kept the idea – in his mind and his pliant background – that he was still the ultimate winner.

2) Trump uses his Twitter feed to further promote his personal and political brand. That includes – but not limited to, any election and every poll that shows him as the most popular Republican in the party or before any possible candidate in the 2024 race, which makes the Republican party break his policy anyway and write his great four-year history.

3) He traveled to the country where the rallies were being held – an expression for other GOP stakeholders but serious for him – which created an atmosphere similar to the rallies of the 2016 and 2020 Lao campaigns.

4) He calls for his favorite show – “Hannity” on Fox News, Newsmax, etc. – to talk about the state of the country. When asked if he might run again, Mr. Trump said he heard from everyone who wanted him (this may or may not be true) and left the door open for a second bid.

Will Trump run again in 2024? Hard to know. The truth is that unless something serious happens within the GOP base over the next few years, it will be very difficult to see how anyone can defeat Trump in the run-up to the presidency.

But the president has long been his worst enemy – and he will face legal problems as well. Financial difficulties in the next few years. And at 74 years old and with an obscure medical history, who can say what the next few years will bring?

Whether or not Trump will eventually run, he will take as long as he can to milk the possibility that he may run. He will not do this because it is good for the Republicans, but because it is good for him, politically and personally.

What is this that is often said.

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