The end of the Trump White House is * definitely * not as good as we thought it would be
Trump campaign to find partial narrative in Wisconsin

The end of the Trump White House is * definitely * not as good as we thought it would be

The removal of Chris Krebs, head of the Department of Homeland Security and Infrastructure Security of the UK Department of Homeland Security, on Tuesday night is the most hated thing the government and president should do. While it is impossible to say whether it was the worst or most devastating thing Mr. Trump has ever done while in the standings – they have all run together after some time of democratization.

Because why? Because the Krebs were expelled from telling the truth.

In a statement to the one he signed and spoke in Twitter, Krebs and officials from both public and private number one said: “The election November 3 is the safest in the history of America. Now, the country’s electoral authority’s review and inspection process the total twice before announcing the final result … no evidence that the system of voting to be eliminated or lose votes, changing votes change or compromise any.”

Which is a statement of fact. Just no Any Examples of foreign interference in the 2020 elections or the use of invalid voting machines in the country. No.

Krebs’s job is to keep this election safe and secure. He did his job. “I know Chris, I worked with him, Rob Portman,” said Rob Portman after the dismissal of Krebs. “I think he’s a real professional.”

And yet, Krebs was also shot. For his work. Because our current president lives in an imaginary world where he believes there is widespread ballot fraud.

(Excerpt: Krebs’s remarks do not refer to ballot fraud. He only speaks of elections that are safe from foreign interference or widespread misconduct in the voting system.)

If you’re good with Trump shooting Krebs, what you are saying is the truth is impersonal. That whims of the facts of the trump leader. On this route – and it’s not just a steep slope – nothing good. And in fact, a lot of scary stuff.

The ousting of the Krebs is in line with Trump’s broad approach to government during his tenure – an accelerated approach, no good way, since his victory was predicted 11 days ago. Trump operates as if all federal offices were his personal toys and must change his identity no matter what you say or do. Therefore, he went to the Department of Justice for failing to bring an investigation that could cause political damage to his rival. He referred to “my soldiers” and “my generals.” And he called on people inside the government to refrain from taking his views illegally and often being considered inadequate and shot.

I have a lot of resistance to branding Mr. Trump as an authority figure or someone with a clear repressive tendency. But the last days of his administration were characterized by only those trends: humor that triumphed at all costs, the elimination of truth and truth, and the elimination of a divisive voice.

It’s awesome. It is deeply opposed to democracy. Unfortunately, all the symptoms indicate that it is getting worse between now and January 20, 2021.