The French president will address the nation as the Covid-19 case escalates
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The French president will address the nation as the Covid-19 case escalates

French President Emmanuel Macron watches as he awaits the arrival of the Estonian Prime Minister ahead of their meeting at the Elysee Palace in Paris on October 28. Ludovic Marin / AFP / Getty Images

Government spokesman Gabriel Attal said Wednesday after a cabinet meeting that “French President Emmanuel Macron will announce this evening: ‘New steps in the fight against our virus.’

Local media, including the French newspaper Le Monde, reported that the closure would be announced by the president in a national address at 8 pm local time (3 pm) on Wednesday. CNN’s BFMTV news agency is reporting that the new measures could take up to four weeks and take effect Thursday morning.

This potential detention will be less severe than the first “detention” in the spring, with the possibility of some schools and more businesses.

The Confederation of French Institutions, a group representing 4,800 hospitals, said in a statement on Wednesday that a full closure was the “only solution” that would allow the courts to “treat all French people successfully, whether they have a bad cause or a bad cause.”

“The French’s system will not work without austerity measures,” said Frédéric Valletoux, president of the Confederation of French Institutions, speaking to French radio station France Inter. Another union claim calls for a complete closure. Valletoux says the hospital is fighting a lower medical staffing than spring.

What the figures look like: France may see about 100,000 new cases of coronavirus a day, Jean-François Delfraissy, head of the French government’s science advisory council, warned Monday. Speaking to French radio station RTL, Delfraissy said: “There may be more than 50,000 cases per day. We are estimating at the Council of Science that we have about 100,000 cases per day, doubling the number of cases, except that there are many undiagnosed cases.”

Delfraissy added that France was in a “very difficult, even critical” situation.