The frustration of Meadows leadership in the midst of an epidemic
The frustration of Meadows leadership in the midst of an epidemic

The frustration of Meadows leadership in the midst of an epidemic

Trump’s campaign adviser says there is widespread frustration with Meadows, Trump’s fourth chief of staff, over his comments, as well as his wide-ranging lead.

“Everyone can clearly see that Meadows sh ** bed again,” the consultant said.

While President Donald Trump has denied rumors that he is planning to eliminate Meadows in a potential second term, he is still unhappy with the way his staff chief has handled the crisis associated with his own coronavirus infection.

The White House did not respond to CNN’s request, but instead pressed forward with its own comments and criticisms of Biden’s campaign during Monday morning protests, Meadows only repeated.

“The only person who raised the white flag with the white mask was Joe Biden. I mean, when we look at this, we’re going to overcome the virus. We’re going to control it. We will try to contain it as best we can,” he said.

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Meadows has been working to contain information about the outbreak in the Vice President’s office, believing it could be “harmful” if it happened half a week before the election. Most of these strategies have failed because cases have become public, however, through leaks. Many authorities say the inability to conceal information reflects standing in the collapsed Meadows building.

Meadows seemed to have Trump’s political interests in mind when trying to keep new coronavirus cases on the pack. Those familiar with the current West Wing operation say that almost every decision in recent months has been a reconsideration campaign, signaling Meadows’ strong focus on Trump’s political work, as opposed to managing White House staff or executing executive agendas. .

On the contrary, Meadows appears to have continued to play the role he played before joining the Trump administration: a friend of Trump and a man of credibility, and even a chief of staff.

A second Trump adviser recently told Meadows that “he did not show leadership in dealing with the president.”

Examining his role

Sources say Mr. Trump was angry with the chief of staff for the altercation with Mr. White House.

Mr. Trump himself pushed the staff and other senior executives for a policy victory in the last week of the campaign that could help him gain a foothold in key voter groups, including seniors and women. Those efforts stalled, prompting the president, who was questioned by telephone about whether his team was working hard enough to get him elected.

Among White House officials, Meadows is one of the most skeptical of the coronavirus cure efforts. He did not intervene, as Dr. Scott Atlas, a radiologist with no experience with infectious diseases, referred to the administration’s health experts and advised against the infection.

In the early days of the crisis, Meadows visited the White House coronavirus defense force, led by Vice President Mike Pence, who was largely unrelated.

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And in addition to the epidemic, Meadows urged Trump to conduct his large-scale rallies, ignoring the recommendations of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, despite growing cases across the country.

Just about half a week before election day, CNN’s appearance on Meadows was widely seen as a non-coercive mistake, and another that the Biden campaign quickly seized, with Meadows ‘democrats and the Supreme Court accepting Meadows’ comments.

“Every time we build strength, Meadows f *** it depends on the interview,” the consultant added.

A separate adviser said it would be best if Meadows did not make television between now and the election, although the head of staff suggested he would show CBS and ABC morning shows on Tuesday morning.

Walter Reed

The latest incident comes after Meadows told reporters at Walter Reed that the president’s condition was alarming when Trump recovered from coronavirus. Even a few weeks later, the president was saddened that the information was leaked.

At the time, Mr. Trump said the information made his condition look worse, and he complained that it led to his illness management suggesting he might be unwell. Meadows believes he is providing the most accurate information.

Two people close to the White House say dissatisfaction with the message has caused a stir among some advisers who argue Meadows should be fired after the election.

More broadly, Meadows has been criticized internally for failing to enter Trump’s administration, which has been marred by a skeptical decision that appears to have left the legislature to ward off a backlash and a lack of information about the president’s condition.

The move appears to be designed to appease Mr. Trump, who does not want information about his dire situation to be exposed and instead wants the strength of the program.

The weekend that Walter Reed also seems to exemplify to many staffers that Meadows is more interested in keeping close to the president than in managing the chief of staff he heads. His decision to accompany Trump to the barracks and spend three nights there fit the pattern of decisions later questioned, including his participation in the Amy Coney Barrett Supreme Court affirmative meeting.

Others in the building believe the Meadows failed to properly communicate with staff about the extent of the West Wing outbreak, leaving owners who collect information about themselves potentially infected and that they should be quarantined. The timing of the outbreak has been a source of concern for many authorities, who have not been given a definitive indication of working from home until several days after Trump’s positive test.

Authorities also said they did not have a clear view of who in the building tested positive. While Meadows said he did so for privacy reasons, the lack of direction for several days – while Meadows himself was with Trump at Walter Reed – angered many.

“It turned out to be a *** show,” a second Trump adviser told CNN at the time. “They are really disturbing the people’s response to this.”