The Republican senator is working to replace Trump at other levels.
Georgia senator 'not familiar' with Trump Access Hollywood tape

The Republican senator is working to replace Trump at other levels.

Asked Wednesday about her previous assertion that there was nothing – no. One. What she and President Donald Trump disagree on Loeffler reiterated that fact. A reporter asked if she was unanimously swearing at Trump, including the sexually explicit and misleading comments he made about the arrested woman. “Enter Hollywood” And released before the 2016 election, Loeffler said: “Look, what I agree with is how President Trump has been doing since day one to put America first.”

That, er, OK? But, it got worse. Here is what happened between the reporter and Loeffler:

Journalist“And you still do not agree with that special thing that President Trump said, do you still not agree with that?”

Reporter: He also disagreed with President Trump’s statement about sexual harassment of women. ”

Loeffler: “I’m not familiar with that.”

At what point, CNN reporter Manu Raju Interjects to note that other journalists are “referring to the Hollywood Access tape.” To which Loeffler replied:

“Yes, this president is fighting America. That is what I am fighting to make sure every American has the opportunity to live up to the American aspirations and the socialist policies that Joe Biden pursues every day.”

It’s hard to rate this set of answers from Loeffler at a disgraceful level. We may have to create all the ambitions. Because, while she was not in the Senate in 2016 – she was appointed by the governor to the seat of former Senator Johnny Isakson in early 2020 – she was actually still alive during the last presidential campaign.
And anyone – and I mean Who – Living in the United States at the time would have been known for Trump’s comments on Billy Bush, as captured on “Access Hollywood”. It created a huge furor on the final day of the race as the Republican leadership called for Trump to leave the race or stay away from him altogether. Trump dismissed the matter as a “discussion in the locker room.”
It is entirely possible and impossible for Loeffler to be (a) ignorant of what happened and b) not heard of it in four years. Literally Can not say.

So what does she depend on? The answer, almost always, is political.

Because Isakson left before his term ends in 2022, Loeffler’s appointment is due in November. This November 3, there will be first aid for all parties. If none of the candidates gets 50% of the vote, which is the most likely, the top two voters – regardless of party – advance to the January race.

The survey indicates that, Rev. Raphael Warnock, who has been nominated for the presidency, is sure to stand out in this race. Loeffler is fighting Rep. Doug Collins (R) for another point. (Collins is Trump’s choice for nomination.)

And Loeffler figured out that the way she beat Collins was going to be more Trumpian than Trump. She has a 100% perfect back-and-forth in the Trump vote this year. According to calculations made by 538. He has Accept Marjorie Taylor Greene, Who is a Member of Parliament from the 14th constituency of the state, who has made a name for himself at the national level by embracing the QAnon movement and gaining a lot of xenophobic and Islamophobic views.

This latest bet – that she is unfamiliar with Trump’s rude comments about women – is simply following Loeffler’s strategy to ensure that Collins could not be Trump’s ombudsman more than she’s.

And it might work! But it did not make it right.