The White House said
The White House said

The White House said

Seventh-day U.S. Circuit Court Judge Amy Coney Barrett, President Trump’s nominee for the Supreme Court, met with Kevin Cramer in Mansfield on Oct. 1 in Washington. Tom Williams-Pool / Getty Images

Republican senators share whether they will run in the post-SCOTUS vote at the White House tonight to celebrate the appointment of Judge Amy Coney Barrett.

Some have said they plan to attend, saying the event will be outside, and that there will be preventive measures.

“I expect everyone to practice good hygiene, social diversity in what is appropriate,” said Kevin Cramer of North Dakota.

“It sounds like an outdoor event that I think will definitely help. Of course, there was more room, as well as clean air, so I did not, I did not worry too much. I definitely do not worry myself. I will do my part, ”he said.

Others, like the Indiana Senate Todd Young, had planned to go, but were busy.

When asked if his hesitation had to do with COVID, he said, “There must be many factors.”

Many senators have not yet made that decision.

“I’m not making any decisions,” said Rick Scott from Florida. When asked if he was concerned about the safety of the incident, he replied: “I think it is important that people wear masks and they are in a social distance.”

South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott also said he has not yet decided whether he will attend, because “if I could get on a plane to South Carolina, I would.”

Other lawmakers also said they plan to return home after the vote, including Debbie Debate of Nebraska and Senator Richard Shelby of Alabama.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell declined to comment. McConnell recently revealed that he has not been to the White House since early August and has criticized their actions to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

CNN reported Sunday that President Trump is expected to be sworn in at the White House at Barrett at 9 p.m.