The White House will not speak when Trump approves elections and allows for change.
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The White House will not speak when Trump approves elections and allows for change.

President Joe Biden has announced another round of White House staffing that shows his commitment to continue to live up to his promise to make his administration reflect the diversity of the country. The staff announced today is to be assisted by Bidens’ assistant for a long time.

Louisa Terrell, who later became executive director for the Biden Foundation, will become director of the White House Legislative Office. She has served as an experienced facilitator, including as President’s special assistant for the Obama-Biden administration.

As CNN reported Thursday, Carlos Elizondo will be the White House social secretary.

Elizondo has served in the Obama administration as Secretary of Social Affairs for Vice President Joe Biden and Vice President Jill Biden. He will be only the second man to be White House social minister and will inherit a unique legacy as the White House adapts its activities to suit the age of the coronavirus. He was the third Latino to be named for the East Wing. Earlier in the week, Anthony Bernal was appointed senior adviser to Jill Biden and Julissa Reynosa Pantaleon was named head of staff.

Ambassador Cathy Russell will take over as head of the White House. Russell has been assigned to the White House and the State Department for both terms of President Barack Obama, and she is currently on the Biden-Harris Transition Team Advisory Board. Prior to that, he served as Vice President of the Biden-Harris Movement.

The future Lady First policy director Jill Biden will be Mala Adiga, his senior adviser and senior policy adviser on the Biden-Harris process. Adiga – who will work for Lady First, who has said she intends to focus on education and military families in her portfoli – previously worked for the Biden Foundation as Director for Higher Education and Military Families.