Tiger Woods is very skeptical for Masters

Tiger Woods is very skeptical for Masters

LOS ANGELES – Tiger Woods on Sunday made his first public appearance since undergoing fifth back surgery in December, and he raised some serious doubts that he might be able to play the Masters in April.

The 45-year-old Woods, whose background is a beneficiary of the Genesis Invitational Company, flew to Los Angeles on Saturday so he could present the prize to the winner. He sat at the CBS table with Jim Nantz briefly during the ninth half of Sunday’s final.

And when Nantz asked Woods if he was ready to play at Augusta in seven weeks, Woods said, “I’m hoping. I have to go there first. Much of it is up to the surgeon and my doctor and the caretaker to make sure I do it right. This is the only house I have, I do not have a lot of chaos anymore.”

Woods underwent surgery on December 23, 2020, and announced on January 19 on Twitter, saying “Tiger underwent microdiscectomy to remove a disc that had been squeezed out of his nerve after suffering post-PNC Championship misery.”

Woods added: “I hope to start training and I intend to return. ”

When asked about his back, Woods said, “I feel good. I’m a little stiff. I have another MRI scheduled so that we can see if the certificate is finally difficult and see if I can start doing more activities. But still in the gym, still doing what you need to do to rejuvenate, little things before I can start pulling in any more. ”

One of the things Woods says he did while away from the game was to make his hanger longer so he didn’t have to bend over. It is now as long as his sand.

“I took a bag that made a drill, hit a device with sandpaper and I thought that if I did a lot of that, I would stretch the stretch and it would help,” said Woods.

Woods played in nine official events in 2020 and was ranked No. 1 – No. 10 – Prize for the ninth event at the Farmers Insurance Open, his first event in 2020. He played at a father-son party with his son Charlie in December in Florida and had surgery shortly thereafter.

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