Trump campaign to find partial narrative in Wisconsin
Trump campaign to find partial narrative in Wisconsin

Trump campaign to find partial narrative in Wisconsin

Wisconsin-elected officials confirmed Wednesday that they received $ 3 million from the Trump campaign. These officials said last week that the cost for a statewide recall is about $ 7.9 million.

“The Wisconsin Electoral Commission received $ 3 million from the Trump campaign,” the election commission said.

CNN has predicted that President-elect Joe Biden will win Wisconsin. According to unofficial results, Biden defeated President Donald Trump by 20,470 votes, or 0.62 percent. Trump has refused to accept and instead promotes theory of ballot fraud.

The Trump campaign is restricting its Wisconsin claims to Milwaukee and Dane County, according to the Associated Press. The proceeds from the Trump campaign will be enough to pay for the recounts in these constituencies, which are the main forces of democracy.

Milwaukee County includes Milwaukee, the largest state city and town in Wisconsin. Biden defeated Trump by 317,251 votes to 134,355 in that county, according to unofficial Wisconsin election results.

Dane area includes the state capital of Madison, home to the University of Wisconsin’s many-year-old voters. Biden won the county by 260,157 votes to 78,789 votes, according to unofficial results from the Wisconsin Electoral Commission.

The counties will have 13 days to count all of their votes, starting Thursday, according to procedures announced by the Wisconsin Electoral Commission. The commission must confirm the final results before December 1.

Scott McDonell, a Dane County Sheriff, said his county will begin counting ballots Friday and the vote count could take up to 13 days to allow.

“We have been planning for this for several days,” McDonell told reporters Wednesday. He said it was not uncommon for a recounting of his constituency to lead to a large number of votes, “certainly nothing near where the change of results will be needed.”

Lectures will be conducted in part, with part of the voting machine. Surveyors will be socially segregated and areas will be lined with plexiglass and police security, McDonell said. Observers from the Trump and Biden campaigns will be able to watch the proceedings and the election challenge, and the vote count will also be broadcast live online.

“This is a really clean election from our point of view,” he said.

Experts say it is unlikely that the vote would have changed enough votes to defeat Biden by 20,470 votes. (In 2016, a reconsideration poll by Green Party’s Jill Stein ended Trump’s vote increase by just 131 votes.)

Former Republican Congressman Scott Walker, an ally of the Trump Party, once said Trump faced “bizarre problems” in his speech, calling Biden’s margin a “high obstacle.”

CNN correspondent Caroline Kenny contributed to this report.