Trump goes on to claim that he won the election. He did not.
Trump goes on to claim that he won the election.  He did not.

Trump goes on to claim that he won the election. He did not.

President Donald Trump went on to claim that he had won the election, splitting the reaffirmation in all forms of tweets, Wednesday morning.

“… And I did not vote. All voters across the country! ” He Write, Along with a link to a New York Times story That said, he received 10.1 million more votes across the United States than he received four years ago.

That may be true, but in the midst of an unprecedented turnout, Joe Biden received more than 5 million votes. And there is no credible evidence of widespread ballot fraud.

More false information from Trump in morning tweets:

Mr. Trump continued to spread more false information on Twitter Wednesday morning, and several tweets were hit by Twitter.

Secretary of State Kayleigh McEnany says Trump is “very difficult to spend time” spending on Thanksgiving at Mar-a-Lago. He was protested at the White House without a public incident shooting out of tweets, 12 o’clock at 1:20 p.m. ET.

For example, Trump tweeted: “”They want to [sic] Let the people’s caregiver enter the advisory council. UNCONSTITUTIONAL !!! ” Th The tweet is a reference to a hypothesis about Pennsylvania, where the general public The Supreme Court ruled 5-2 That observers of the Trump campaign in Philadelphia have no right to stand away from election officials, and it is up to the county to decide where the poll observers can stand.

The demand in Georgia echoed, Twitter says, controversial. Trump tweeted: “Georgia’s storytelling is a joke and is carried out under the auspices of” Even with thousands of fraudulent votes, the real numbers are in the correct signatures.

Referring to a tweet about the Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruling, he also wrote: “They did not allow Republican observers to enter the building to see. A vicious insult to our Constitution!”

Mr. Trump also claimed that the election was rigged against these false assertions: “”This is a tough election. No Republican voters were allowed, ‘scrolling’ polling stations were everywhere (meaning they were caught wrong!

Twitter has tagged all of the tweets above, saying claims of election fraud are “controversial.”