Trump to speak at CPAC on Sunday

Trump to speak at CPAC on Sunday

A source familiar with the former president’s remarks told CNN Saturday: “He will talk about the future of the Republican Party and the conservative movement.”

The source added: “We are still looking for the 45th president to implement President Biden’s amnesty and border policy.”

The engagement will mark Trump’s first appearance since he left the White House last month and comes as senior Republicans split over how to treat the former president, with his loyalists not paying him a visit recently.

One of Trump’s campaign managers, Brad Parscale, met with the former president at his club in Mar-a-Lago this week for a lengthy meeting, according to sources. Utah Sen. Mike Lee is hosting a fundraiser on Saturday night Mar-a-Lago, according to other familiar sources, a potential sign of more visits in the future.

Steve Scalise of Louisiana, the No. 2 Republican, met privately with Trump Tuesday, Mar-a-Lago, CNN reported, a day before Republican Mitch McConnell vowed not to do so.

The quiet turmoil between Trump and McConnell has escalated in recent days, raising questions about whether the two can work together for the future of the GOP.

Mr. Trump went after Mr. McConnell in a lengthy statement Tuesday night after Mr. McConnell slammed the former president from the Senate on Saturday and in Monday’s election in the Wall Street Journal, despite the fact that he was re-elected.
In his statement Tuesday, Mr. Trump vowed to swap candidates in the Senate who view the world view – something that could lead to a clash with Republicans who want Mr. McConnell to win a landslide victory. Mid-term elections.
Tensions point to divisions among the upper Republicans over how to lead the party after Trump. Unlike McConnell, House GOP leader Kevin McCarthy traveled to South Florida after the January 6 attacks on the Capitol to meet with Trump and later declare solidarity with him in his attempt to seize the house in 2022.

But McCarthy led a meeting where most members strongly supported Trump – unlike Republicans, who split the former president and where some of the top leaders wanted to move through him and focus on rallies, not individuals.

This story has been updated with more information.

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