Trump's campaign is urging the Georgian president to think it will not change his loss in the state.
Analysis: The 2020 competition without a winner

Trump’s campaign is urging the Georgian president to think it will not change his loss in the state.

Georgia Foreign Minister Brad Raffensperger said in a statement Friday that “because the profit margin is still below 0.5%, the president can call for a recount after the results have been verified.”
President Joe Biden, who was declared the winner on Friday as the state confirms the election results, received 12,670 votes, or .2% more than President Donald Trump in Georgia.
Georgia has already audited the ballot papers, claiming that all ballots in the presidential race are being counted for the second time – a defense recount. The check is stricter than the recount check because the check is the manual recording of every vote, while the recount count is done by anti-machine.

Under Georgia law, the Trump campaign has two business days from Friday’s confirmation to claim a tax return, which will be tax-funded.

“Today, the Trump campaign has filed a reconsideration in Georgia. We are focusing on ensuring that all aspects of Georgia’s law and the U.S. Constitution are complied with so that all legal voting can be done.”

Georgia's GOP governor and secretary of state have confirmed Biden's victory, trying to thwart Trump's lengthy efforts to make a difference.

“Last week’s story confirms what we already know: Georgia voters have chosen Joe Biden as their next president. Their baseless claims,” ​​said Jaclyn Rothenberg, Georgia’s director of communications for Biden. “The other statement would be another confirmation of Joe Biden’s third victory in Georgia.”

Matching signatures for email voting was not done in the lecture, however, according to campaign law expert Jonathan Diaz, a CNN contributor. Comparison of signatures on the envelope sent to the person with the document is done before this. The Trump campaign was more disappointing than the card was not thrown out due to a signature issue.

“No recalculation is going to change,” Diaz said with more than 12,000 votes.

“There is no definite point at which they do that, other than to continue to pull the process out and cause further delays,” Diaz said. “It’s a timeless time,” he said of the request. “The war is over.”

This story has been updated to include additional context and statements from the Biden Campaign.

CNN correspondents Brook, Morgan Rimmer and Marshall Cohen contributed to the report.