U.S. Coronavirus Cases Crash Daily Record, And Experts Warn It Worse
U.S. Coronavirus Cases Crash Daily Record, And Experts Warn It Worse

U.S. Coronavirus Cases Crash Daily Record, And Experts Warn It Worse

The number of Fridays exceeded the previous record set by India, which reported 97,894 cases of cholera in a single day on September 17, according to the Indian Ministry of Health.

“100,000 cases yesterday, two weeks from now, will begin to result in a large number of deaths,” said Jonathan Reiner, a professor of medicine at George Washington University. “So we will look at not only the number of cases that continue to rise, but we will also see about 2,000 deaths a day two or three weeks from now.”

Iowa on Friday reported the highest increase in single-day cases. That means 31 states had new lawsuits for at least one day in October, according to Johns Hopkins.

Of the 46,688 patients out of 46,688 were in the hospital on Friday, According to the Covid Tracking Project. That’s up 63.2 percent from a three-month low of 28,608 on Sept. 20, and it’s the highest since Aug. 13.

Former health official warns of blockade

Former Baltimore Health Commissioner Dr Leana Wen said Saturday that the United States has a “limited time” before more stringent measures, such as closures, need to be considered.

“We are seeing the focus of the Covid-19 happening across the country and now we have the opportunity to take targeted measures such as general antitrust, such as ensuring that high-risk businesses such as the CN in some areas are closed, such as advising people to stay away from the community.”

“But if we do not do these things now, we will overdo our health care system and then there may be a need.”

In Florida, health officials reported a total of 2,331 new cases on Saturday – the 12th day in a row, with more than 2,000 cases, according to CNN.

To date, Florida has recorded 802,547 cases of dengue fever, 16,761 deaths and 208 non-resident deaths, according to the state Department of Health.

Pennsylvania on Saturday reported 2,510 new cases, according to the Department of Health.

The statement added that the state’s daily increase is at its highest level since the start of the global epidemic.

Pennsylvania had 208,207 cases and 8,812 deaths, health officials said.

Dr. Christopher Murray, director of the University of Washington’s Institute for Health Sciences and Health Assessment, said Friday that Dr.

Fourteen states and territories in the United States reported high hospital admissions on Friday. According to the Covid Tracking Project. The project reported 46,688 hospital admissions. As of October 1, the country had 30,077 people.

Those states and territories are: Alaska, Idaho, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Missouri, Nebraska, New Mexico, North Dakota, Ohio, Utah, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming, and Guam.

Health officials in Wisconsin on Saturday reported 5,278 new cases, bringing the total to 225,370. Fifty-nine people have died from the virus.

The University of Wisconsin Athletic Director Barry Alvarez told ESPN’s GameDay on Saturday that 22 people – 12 athletes, students and 10 staff – tested positive for Covid-19.

Alvarez said the school will decide Tuesday that the Badgers can play their next scheduled game Nov. 7 at home against Purdue, Alvarez said.

Murray says hospital numbers are the best measure of how the nation is dealing with the epidemic. “They are the leading indicator before death.”

But Murray says the US public is not given the information it needs to understand which schools will be under the most pressure and will require the government to release more information.

Murray and his colleagues at IHME have a responsibility Influential coronavirus model, It is estimated that 399,000 people died of coronavirus in the United States on February 1.

The IHME said in its latest forecast that “the increase in the fall / winter season should bring the daily death toll three times higher than it is now in mid-January.”

Building for coronavirus patients at the University Medical Center in El Paso, Texas, Friday.

New York requires most tourists to be negatively tested

There have been cases across the country, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced Saturday that most tourists must test the Covid-19 before and after arriving in the state.

The policy replaces the state’s previous list of advisers, which has seen an increase in the number of cases that tourists need to be quarantined for 14 days after arriving in New York City, the governor said during a media briefing.

Most travelers to New York will have to undergo a bad Covid-19 test three days before leaving for that state, Cuomo said.

Reiner, a CNN medical officer, said Friday that the rise in cases is “scary” and that the worst has yet to happen.

“In a day or two, we will go up, six figures for a single day. We will see more than 100,000 cases in one day. We are starting to see 2,000 people a day die in this country,” he said.

Reiner said the worst-case scenario could lose 2,000 to 2,500 patients a day, but Americans have the power to control the virus.

“We need to cover up and somewhere, we need to think about smart siege,” he said.

Europe tried to peel off the second wave.  Now going back to sledgehammer

“Europe is coming to an end – it’s a smart thing to do when the virus is out of control. That’s how we control it with the first wave. So, this is an option for the country: if you do not want to close, then do the dam, but we can not have it both ways, we can not close it.

Wen said Friday that more testing is needed.

“Today, we now have one person diagnosed with coronavirus every second,” she said. “We have Americans dying of coronavirus every two minutes, and that number is increasing.”

Wen, an emergency physician, told CNN she was “extremely concerned” about the test’s survival rate. In some states, she said, one-half of the two tested were effective.

“That means we did not test almost enough, and everyone who tested positive was a canary in a coal mine,” she said. “It is almost certain that there are still dozens of other cases that we have not detected, and that the increase will increase in the coming weeks.”