United States: Pro-Trump Building Robbers Plunder as Construction Faces Outside House

United States: Pro-Trump Building Robbers Plunder as Construction Faces Outside House

Shortly after 1 p.m. ET, hundreds of Trump-backed protesters stormed through barricades along the Capitol Road, where they clashed with authorities in a full-blown riot, some calling them “traitors” at work. About 90 minutes later, police said protesters stormed the building and the door to the house, and people inside the parliament were cordoned off. Shortly afterwards, the floor was evacuated by police.

An armed clash broke out at the door of the House at around 3pm ET, and police officers turned their guns on anyone who tried to break into the house. Trump’s spokesman also received a standing ovation from the Vientiane Capital.

Half a woman is in critical condition after being shot in the chest on the ground of the Capitol, according to two sources familiar with the matter. The source could not provide further details on the shooting. Several officers were injured and several were taken to hospital, several sources told CNN.

The Senate floor cleared the terrorists at 3:30 a.m. ET, and officials told CNN they had succeeded in throwing them off the building’s wing and heading to Rotunda, and they cleared them from the Capitol’s east and west gates.

It is not clear who was jailed.

Vice President Mike Pence has also been removed from the Capitol, where he must fulfill his duty to count the ballots.

Video from inside the Capitol shows President Trump marching through the Statuary. U.S. Capitol Police are calling for more law enforcement assistance, including federal authorities, to familiar sources. Sources say there is a suspicious device outside the Capitol building.

White House spokesman Kayleigh McEnany said Trump was referring the National Guard to Washington, along with “other federal defense services.”

The entire DC National Guard has been mobilized by the Department of Defense after a group of Trump-backed dissidents violated the U.S. Capitol.

Pentagon spokesman Jonathan Hoffman said the DC force was “mobilized to bolster federal law enforcement in the city.” “Secretary Miller has been in contact with Congress, and Secretary of State McCarthy is working with the DC government. The law enforcement response will be directed by the Department of Justice.”

Earlier, the Department of Defense received a request from the U.S. Capitol Police for additional DC National Security Forces, but the decision has not been finalized, according to a senior defense official.

Officials said the DC National Guard did not expect to be used to protect federal facilities, and the Trump administration decided earlier this week that it would be responsible for enforcing civil law, officials said.

The shocking incident was met with more than a dozen Black Lives Matter protests across the country following the assassination of George Floyd at the hands of a Minneapolis police officer last year. As federal police stormed peaceful protesters in Lafayette Square outside the White House during the summer, opening the door for Trump to pose for a photo in front of a nearby church, protesters on Wednesday stormed the Capitol and infiltrated the nation’s legislature.

The leadership of the House and the Senate was safe and in an unobtrusive place, according to acquaintances. Separate lawmakers say lawmakers have been relocated to an undisclosed source.

The U.S. Capitol Police are working to maintain the Capitol’s second floor first, and then expand thereafter. Outside the Capitol, the DC Metropolitan Police Department continues to mass, but has yet to make any significant action to the crowd.

Capitol police officers in the House told reporters that they may have to duck under their seats and informed them that the protesters were in the building’s Rotunda. Many members of the household saw gas masks as they moved between the Capitol buildings. Members called the family to say they were fine.

While the White House declined to comment on the protests, Trump said on Twitter, “Please shuffle the Capitol and our law enforcement. They are on the side of our country peacefully!”

Others in the presidential orbit have called for calm as crowds have repeatedly seized the building.

Donald Trump Jr., the president’s son, says his accomplices who attacked the Capitol were “wrong and not who we are.”

“Keep calm and exercise your right to first amendment, but do not start acting like the other party. We have a country to save and this does not help anyone,” he said.

Protesters violated external security barriers, and video showed protesters gathering and some clashing with police near the Capitol. CNN team on the ground saw a group of protesters trying to climb to the side of the Capitol. Many loud noises could be heard.

Protesters can activate a metal fence and police fence to push protesters back, while officials other reaches peak to people club trying to cross the road.

Noises can be heard near the Capitol stairs as the smoke fills the air. In some cases, the owner can see the use of pepper spray. Tear gas was used, but it was not certain by protesters or police, and people wiped the tears from their eyes while coughing.

Washington Mayor Muriel Bowser only announced the citywide policy from 6pm ET on Wednesday until 6am ET on Thursday.

Federal and local law enforcement officials are responding to reports of possible pipeline bombings in several locations in Washington, DC. It is not clear whether the devices are genuine or counterfeit, but they will be considered genuine.

This is a broken story and will be updated.

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