"We will have a smooth transition from this administration to the next one."
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“We will have a smooth transition from this administration to the next one.”

Gwinnett County election officials hold a ballot as part of a recount for the 2020 presidential election at the Beauty P. Baldwin Registration Office on November 16 in Lawrenceville, Georgia. Photo Megan Varner / Getty

There are only about 300,000 cards Hand counting in Georgia With nearly 5 million votes in the 2020 presidential election, and most counties are reporting results that are initially “uninteresting” to the top, or find little difference, according to Gabriel Sterling, the state’s electoral system manager.

Elected officials from 29 constituencies across Georgia told CNN that they had completed the investigation and found no discrepancies in the results. President Trump’s lies On widespread fraud in the state.

With regard to the 2,600 ballots found in Floyd County, Sterling said the Constituency Commission would first recount all of the ballots, along with provisional ballots found to be invalid.

The result would give Trump a whopping 778 net votes, narrowing his nationally-elected president, Joe Biden, by a narrow margin of more than 13,000.

The state is on a “good schedule right now” to complete an audit Wednesday, prompting the state to ratify the presidential election on Friday, as stipulated in state law. If the deadline is met, it will thwart Trump’s long-standing efforts to postpone confirmation time and potentially overturn election results through electoral colleges.

“The whole point of the audit is to prove that the (initial) results are correct” and “to check the winner,” Sterling said.

What to come next: After the results are confirmed, the Trump campaign can request a formal recount. Sterling said Georgia has procured high-speed card detectors for all 159 counties to be used, in case of a countdown.

The following Georgia countries told CNN that they conducted their audit without finding any discrepancies: Usage, Atkinson, Bacon, Baker, Baldwin, Barrow, Ben Hill, Berrien, Brantley, Brooks, Butts, Calhoun, Candler, Carroll, Charlton, Chattooga, Clay, Crawl, Dave, Coffee, Cook , Decatur, Dooly, Early, Meriwether, Murray, Oconee.

An official told CNN that there had been minor adjustments in the county.

  • In Catoosa County, Biden’s half vote was classified as Trump’s vote after scrutiny.
  • In the Coweta area, a written vote for “Biden Harris” was added to Biden’s count.
  • In Effingham, Trump lost one vote and Biden lost seven after the polls.
  • In the Oglethorpe area, there is only one difference, but officials are reluctant to go into details.