Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump could return to a different NYC than they left

What is Ivanka Trump’s next move?

Look, Ivanka – along with her husband, Jared Kushner – spent the last four years with her paternal grandparents in Washington, emerging as a major (and sometimes behind-the-scenes) player in the, um, tempestuous Trump administration.

“It is unclear where Ivanka Trump and her husband – Jared Kushner, who prefers Ivanka as White House senior adviser – will make physical landings after they are expected to leave Washington in January …

“… But friends, colleagues and co-workers of believers in the area where they live, the first daughter will figure out how to maximize political capital – whether it means making a positive impact on Trump or a real Republican-dominated Republican party.”

If you ask Donald Trump, his daughter has the potential to be elected. In 2016, s. He reportedly is considering appointing her as vice president (!). And as he campaigns for a second time this year, he seems to be pushing for his career.
“I want to see the first female president, but I do not want to see the first female president enter the race. [Kamala Harris] Will do it, ” Trump was speaking at a rally in New Hampshire in late August. “They all said, ‘We need Ivanka! ‘I do not blame them. “
The problem with all of them, of course, is Trump himself. He appears ready, willing and able to run for president again in 2024, which could mean Ivanka will not be able to run for president that year.

And if he can not do that, his options are quite limited.

She could not return to New York City and said she would run for mayor. (She may be lost in the embarrassing way.)

If Ivanka and her family move to her father’s club in Bedminster, New Jersey – As has been widely speculated In theory, she could run for the 7th National Assembly, which is currently empty seats by Rep. Tom Malinowski (D).

But will Ivanka see the house as a small cassava? (Yes, yes, she will.)

All in all, it looks like Ivanka hangs in New Jersey and rides her time car – giving money, name and star power to the Republican Party’s fundraising efforts and making it as beautiful as possible with the establishment of a GOP (as it exists) and collecting chits.

PointsWhile there is no clear political office for Ivanka to run at this time, that does not mean she will disappear from the national political radar. If you think so, you really do not know Itaka.

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