Gift Cards discount

What to do with the Gift Cards you receive this Christmas

Selling your gift cards for cash is truly brilliant, and here’s why.

Let’s say you’re at your work’s annual Christmas party. You’ve had a few glasses of Chardonnay, socialized, and heard all about your colleague’s personal lives for the last hour – you’re ready to call it a night! You can’t leave early though (or close that zoom chat) until the grand event, the Christmas draw! Any moment now, the President will draw names from a hat for prizes. Let’s be real for a moment; these prizes are the real reason everyone has dressed up and are socializing with the same group of people they just spent 40hours with this week. Last year’s prizes were amazing! An all-inclusive weekend in Vegas, five $1000 VISA gift cards, and a BBQ. You didn’t win last year but feel like THIS IS YOUR YEAR! I mean, 2020 has been a wild ride; something good has to come out of it, right?

It’s time. The first name is drawn, and you hear the President say your name! What did you win?! An all-inclusive weekend in Napa? One of those $1000 VISA gift cards? No and no. You’ve won two $100 gift cards to Quickee Lube, the #1 lube and oil change spot in the county.

You don’t even have a car, and if you did – how many oil changes does $200 buy?! If only you could have the cash instead! What a difference a bit of cash could make in your life right now.  Even just $20 cash could buy you a few coffees. You try to be grateful, but the feeling of disappointment is unavoidable!

Does this or a version of this story sound familiar? I think we have all been on the receiving end of gift cards to places we know we won’t use. And, the reality is, we’ve probably given gift cards to friends and family that they won’t use. Great intentions, and it really is the thought that counts, but it’s a shame and wasted money when these gift cards go unused. Only the retailer benefits here, the gift giver and gift recipient lose in these types of situations.

I have good news for you. News that will put a stop to unused gift cards forever! You can sell your gift cards for cash! It’s super easy to do; all you need is access to the internet.  Go to and follow the instructions. It is very easy.

Whether it’s at your office’s Christmas party or your family’s Secret Santa, receiving gift cards you aren’t going to use can elicit feelings of guilt (for not using it) and a bit of disappointment. And the reality is, for many people, this year has been tough. So many people have had hours cut or lost their job, and although a nice sweater from Nordstrom would be amazing, it’s not going to pay the hydro bill. Most times I am thrilled to have a gift card; it’s a little more personal than money and some of the best gifts I’ve ever received have been gift cards to one of my favorite stores. But as the saying goes, sometimes “cash is king,” and a little extra money in your pocket could really help out. Fortunately, there are options out there, and lots of people willing to buy a gift card at a slightly lower price. It’s a win-win situation. So, the next time you get some gift cards you don’t want, just head online and sell them or buy bulk gift cards!  Brilliant, right?