Where Trump and Biden stand for CNN's latest poll
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Where Trump and Biden stand for CNN’s latest poll

More than a third of registered voters – more than 75 million Americans – have already cast their ballots in the six days until Election Day, Unprecedented changes triggered by the coronavirus outbreak and interest in the presidential race.

As of yesterday evening, about 36 percent of registered voters went to the polls before Nov. 3, according to a poll conducted by elected officials in all 50 states and Washington, D.C., by CNN, Edison Research and Catalist.

The 75.8 million ballots so far in the 2020 election represent about 56 percent of the more than 136.5 million ballots cast in the 2016 presidential election.

The three states with the highest percentage of registered voters are Montana, Washington, Colorado and Oregon – both of which received extensive postal ballots this year.

Montana leads all states with about 56% of registered voters already voting. States allow counties to conduct their elections by mail if they so choose.

Washington follows where 53% of registered voters already cast their ballots, and Colorado and Oregon are behind 52% each.

In 14 additional states, at least 40% of the registered voters cast their ballots. Among CNN’s most competitive countries – with the exception of Colorado – North Carolina (about 50%), Georgia, Texas and Florida (48%) are seeing the highest turnout as the largest share of registered voters to date.

New Hampshire (18%) and Pennsylvania (22%) are the major states that have already seen the smallest percentage of eligible voters. Both states allow voters to cast their ballots for the first time this year, but there is no widespread tradition of pre-election voting.

Some states may have different rules for determining which voters will be eligible to vote in a general election, and many states will still allow registration on the same day on election day. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. How much will he or she get to vote this year?

Here are the pre-election voting considerations for 2020 by the state:

This voting information comes from Catalist, an information company that provides information, analysis, and other services to Democrats, academics, and nonprofits.

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