Wuhan Labs, the heart of the COVID outbreak, may receive more US funding

Wuhan Labs, the heart of the COVID outbreak, may receive more US funding

The Wuhan Academy of Sciences remains a potential source of cholera, however, it is set to receive a US dollar tax for the next three years. Worse, the cash will fund more animal research.

The National Institutes of Health told Daily caller The Wuhan Laboratory has an active foreign insurance policy that allows the use of the US budget until 2024.

The NIH has stopped helping EcoHealth, promising to restore it if an independent investigation clears the Wuhan Institute involved in the outbreak. The World Health Organization (WHO) delegation in charge of laboratory investigations has now initially concluded that the leak was “extremely unlikely,” which could lead to the contract being terminated. Do not forget that the head of the WHO and the US State Department are not willing to rule on that possibility.

This is where it really’s going: not only did the WHO delegation not carry out its own investigation, but only accept the report from the Chinese government, the only US team member of the WHO team emerged as chairman of the EcoHealth Alliance, Peter Daszak – who urged Washington to unanimously accept the panel’s findings. (This also tells you what the WHO investigation is.)

Anthony Bellotti, head of the Coat Waste Project monitoring agency, called on EcoHealth to withdraw the funds and called for a final meeting to conduct a genuine investigation into how the pandemic would actually spread.

If this reshuffle continues, you will know that the Biden administration is committed to restoring Washington’s business to normalcy.

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