Yankees' Boone defends Gerrit Cole from Josh Donaldson claims

Yankees’ Boone defends Gerrit Cole from Josh Donaldson claims

Aaron Boone has backed down Josh Donaldson’s allegations that Gerrit Cole was one of the prisoners who could use illegal foreign substances to increase the turnover rate – and become more prominent.

“I did not do much,” Boone said Sunday when asked what he had done about the Minnesota Twins veterans’ remarks last week, when Donaldson noticed that Cole’s turnover rate had dropped several days after the AP reported that four minions had been suspended this season due to foreign courts.

“Gerrit and all of our staff, I believe most of them are on board and will be able to handle the situation in the right way,” Boone said. “And it doesn’t affect the kind of toys they belong to.”

The owners of the MLB met last week and agreed on the sport necessary to crack down on potential scavengers using the banned substance to litter the pit with more circulation.

It allows the ball to break more moves. Crackdown may begin soon within two weeks.

As the Yankees head to Minnesota open their twin-fight series on Tuesday – and Cole postpones the race on Wednesday – Donaldson on Friday called the status quo “the next sterling of baseball.”

“What these people are doing right now [is] Optimization to where it is a real superglue type of [deal], ” Donaldson said. “It’s not about orders. Now, it’s all about the worst litterers. “

Gerrit Cole, Aaron Boone and Josh Donaldson
Gerrit Cole, Aaron Boone and Josh Donaldson
Charles Wenzelberg, Getty

Donaldson continued: “Is it a coincidence that Gerrit Cole’s turnover rate is declining? [Thursday] After four Lancer runners suspended for 10 games? Is it possible? I do not know. Maybe. At the same time, under these circumstances, they let men do it. ”

Cole will address the allegations during his pre-match schedule ahead of Tuesday’s game in Minnesota.

He has been linked to lawsuits from former employees of the Angels clubhouse, which allegedly sent messages to officers searching for drugs that the staff had sent to players from both the Angels and the opposing team.

After striking out 78 and walking just three of his first eight starts – going along with the 1.37 ERA system – Cole had no cane effect in his last four matches. He was hit 26, walked eight and had a 4.30 ERA.

Boone says he has had enough conversations to know something is coming, ‘related to the use of foreign courts, which many, including Donaldson, consider to be the culprits in a number of historically bad cases. In addition to advanced analysis.

Gerrit Cole
Gerrit Cole
Charles Wenzelberg / New York Post

Sources say the enforcement will include adding more responsibilities to clubs to enforce anti-ball rules in their own clubs. Electric power will be given to inspect helmets, gloves and uniforms for signs of illegal substances on the tank.

Joe West enacted this rule on May 27, when he seized the hat of Cardinals Giovanny Gallegos. St. Louis manager Mike Schildt was dismissed when he argued the verdict.

Boone added that he was fond of enforcing the rules, with addicts moving away from logos, sunscreens and tree tar they had used for years to improve the order, even Spider Tack and other strong substances that some believe were turning to.

“It looks like it’s gone too far,” Boone said. “I think there is a real difference between some of the things we have seen and combined, as opposed to sunscreen, lotions and lotions. I think there may be lines that are crossed by many people.”